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Two Kinds of Teamwork Assessment Tools

At Business Success Tools, we know that insight is the starting point of team effectiveness.  There are two kinds of teamwork assessment tools that provide two types of crucial insight:  information about a team and how it functions as a whole; and, information about each team member and how he or she 'operates' in a team setting.

Teamwork Assessment Tool - assess the workings of an entire team

We use a comprehensive teamwork assessment tool and process that provides you with rich information about a team and how it functions, as a whole, so you can discover the effective and ineffective practices of the entire team.  This information can then be used to set team goals.

The teamwork assessment tool and process we use, called T.E.A.M.S., will ensure your organization has its

Teams Evolving And Mastering Success.

We invite you to download a sample report produced as a result of using T.E.A.M.S. - teamwork assessment tool.

The teamwork assessment tool can be customized to measure what you need to know.  It is easily administered anytime, anywhere through secure online access.  The results can be delivered in a variety of report-type options to suit your needs.

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Teamwork Assessment Tool -

team building for individual team members

You can call a group of individuals “a team,” but unless individuals can communicate effectively, resolve differences and conflicts quickly, be committed and accountable, and focus on producing desired/required results effectively and efficiently, the team and its members will fall short of its fullest potential.  How an individual behaves in a team setting has a tremendous affect on the performance of an entire team.

Team leaders need to be clear about their own influence on how their teams make decisions. They should also be acutely aware of the unique strengths and weaknesses of each team member. For their part, team members must be in touch with their own motivations and typical behaviors, along with those of their peers. Together, both team leaders and members should anticipate the natural points of conflict and either prevent conflicts from arising or resolving them quickly after they do.

We invite team leaders and members to utilize a team building assessment tool in order to improve their overall team effectiveness.  See for yourself a sample of the rich, valuable and specific information this report provides about an individual and his or her value in a team setting.  The information generated by this particular teamwork assessment tool can be used to establish goals for improved individual contributions and team functioning.

Contact Business Success Tools.  Let us know what you need so we can answer your questions and get you started today.  The teamwork assessment tool for individual team members is one of several types of DISC assessments we offer.  When you purchase one or more DISC assessments, you will be provided with access to TTI’s Internet Delivery System (IDS)™. This system gives you 24/7 online access via the Internet to take the DISC assessment you have ordered.  You will receive the resulting DISC assessment report via email.


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HR Assessment

       Tool Set

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  HR Assessment

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We provide a variety of HR assessment tools to support a wide variety of needs.

By providing these various HR assessment tools, we help you focus on enhancing career choices, improving sales, developing leaders, and improving r team work.

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Team leaders benefit from leadership and communications coaching. 

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