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HR Benchmarking - TriMetrix ® System

What is the TriMetrix HR Benchmarking System?

TriMetrix is a complete talent management system that is helping organizations revolutionize the way they

  • Select talent (provides a candidate assessment tool)
  • Retain talent (supports employee retention plans)
  • Develop talent (supports employee performance development)
  • Manage talent (including stronger, more effective succession planning by strengthening the succession planning system)
  • Implement HR benchmarking


TriMetrix supports top performance by reducing bias and injects objectivity into the employee selection process to support top performance that is straightforward and easy to understand.  Costly hiring mistakes occur when we only look at the knowledge and hard skills from a resume and an interview.  Most often, we miss out on information that will tell us why they perform the job, how they will behave on the job, and what soft skills they have that are necessary for success in a particular job. By missing these key critical performance factors, we rely on our bias to make hiring decisions and often make poor hiring decisions that result in costly employee turnover.

Most people hired in the interview process are hired by the heart, not the head. Personal bias is interjected, and poor hiring decisions are made. Often employers hire for hard skills, only to terminate later for attitude.  The TriMetrix System, validated in over 28 individual validation studies conducted over 20 years by more than 19 different examiners, meets EEOC criteria and provides companies with a system of objective performance measurement. 


How does the TriMetrix System help an organization select, retain, develop and coach its employees?

TriMetrix provides a suite of business assessments that measure 3 key performance factors:

  1. What a specific job requires.  The TriMetrix  job benchmark process can be used to create a job benchmark for any job.  This HR benchmarking process allows a company to define job requirements for superior performance, based on 37 distinct factors.

    HR benchmarking report - download sample

    This sample HR benchmarking report is used to create a job benchmark.  Multiple people participated in developing this sample job benchmark.  It also generated powerful interview questions to support the job interview process for this particular job.
  2. What an individual possesses.  This powerful candidate assessment tool measures critical performance factors including specific personal attributes or competencies, core behaviors, and core driving values.  This provides you with an accurate and comprehensive candidate assessment tool.

    Candidate assessment tool - download sample

    This sample candidate assessment tool provides information about a job candidate's personal talents based on 37 factors.  You will learn a candidate’s individual hierarchy of values and interests, the behavioral traits he or she will bring to the job, as well as his or her personal skills or capacities. 
  3. The GAP between a person or group of people and a specific job benchmark.  Match the right talent to the right job.  Replace biases with factual data based on job requirements.

    HR assessment tool - download sample

    This powerful HR assessment tool, known as the GAP report, allows you to assess and compares 1 person to a specific job benchmark, showing areas that match and those needing improvement.


If you are looking for a candidate assessment tool and HR benchmarking system to help you make better hiring decisions, or you need to develop better employee retention plans, or you have concerns about effective succession planning and you need to strengthen your succession planning system, contact Business Success Tools.  Learn what Business Success Tools LLC can do to support your organization's success.


(The TriMetrix ® System is a trademark of Performance Benchmarking, Inc.)


HR Benchmarking


According to research done by Michigan State University, the typical interviewing process used by most companies is at best only 14% effective in predicting successful job hires.


Are you using luck or logic in your hiring process?  Read more.


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60% of all new hires that leave within 90 days do so due to feeling under-prepared, overwhelmed and disconnected.

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